Bradford Scrugg, Inc. 2012
About Us Commercial Medical Institutional Multifamily
Construction Services Bradford Scruggs takes pride in every project.  We enjoy the challenge of renovating existing structures for our clients.  We efficiently modernize a building for its occupants solving usability and convenience issues to make your building the best environment for its occupants. Bradford and Scruggs also enjoys the challenge of creating a new structure from our clients concept.  We can turn your dream into reality.  From renovation to new construction we can help you with all of your construction needs. Bradford Scruggs readily accepts the challenges of completing special projects.  If your community needs a safe room for tornado's, the local college needs a specialty green house, your industrial site needs new RTU's installed, or you want to stretch beyond conventional contractor boundaries, we are up to the challenge.  Bradford Scruggs works hard to help each client meet their unique requirements, and enjoys the challenge of working with new and interesting designs and ideas.
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